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Talent Acquisition

A sector-agnostic leader, Melissa works closely with company leadership
on priority and retained searches to identify the right talent who will thrive
and strengthen companies across the private, foundation, and non-profit
sectors. She works with MS or PhD-prepared professionals who use research, policy, or interventions to improve lives. With her extensive networks, she can find the right expertise in a person you'd want on your team!

First Consult

This is a 60-minute consult to identify and define company needs, organization, and structure. It is a chance to get to know each other and share style, culture, and process information. Melissa will share insights and metrics and describe her process to deliver you the best person to achieve organizational objectives.

Priority Search

Priority Search is best for roles that need more attention and speed. When you engage in this search, you invest in the process with a $5K deposit. We will identify a diverse slate of candidates and walk you through scheduling, debriefing, reference checking, and negotiating compensation for hires.


  • Exclusive search process

  • A $5K deposit (non-refundable) will be deducted from the final service charge.

  • Service charge 25% of annual compensation (base, bonus/commissions)

  • 60-day guarantee

  • Full payment due ten days from start date (customized payment plan for small business or nonprofit clients)


Retained Search is a full-service option that is ideal when the need is critical or requires confidentiality. Our unique approach provides a safety net for clients who might receive a referral amid our search and would typically forfeit their entire investment.

  • Exclusive Search Process

  • 1/3 due upon signing contract

  • 1/3 due upon presentation of a short list of candidates

  • 1/3 due upon placement

  • 90-day guarantee

  • Service charge 25% of annual compensation (base, bonus/commissions)

  • Full payment due ten days of start date (customized payment plan for small business or nonprofit clients)

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