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Career Workshops

Melissa Reitkopp delivers 60-90 minute workshops to various audiences. She can customize each workshop to meet the audience's needs.


The four interactive sessions can stand alone or make a fantastic series. The goal is to gain tools that help you manage your career pathway and gain greater control of your career.


The workshops can be in person or virtual. 

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Workshop A

A pitch captures someone's attention in person or on paper/social media. The
components of a pitch include a showcase of your skills, highlights of your knowledge areas,
and a translation of how you add value to an organization. It also opens your resume and
LinkedIn page, and you will develop a verbal version to share when you have an opportunity in


The pitch becomes your “mission statement” and helps clarify your strengths,
preferences, and goals while translating them into results for any organization.


Workshop outcomes:

• Deliver information about your many talents engagingly

• Express in concise, powerful terms what you do & where you do it

• Translate your abilities into how you add value to an organization

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Workshop C

Social media is powerful, and you should use it to your advantage. A resume is fixed (still
invaluable), and your social media is fluid. Both are important and represent you and your
marketing tools for open conversations. There are several ways to make your LinkedIn page
attract attention, including the content and your interactions with others online.


There are
excellent tools to update your resume, leverage hyperlinks, and more. We will use
to demonstrate various formats.


Workshop Outcomes:

• Develop a powerful, effective resume

• Identify the best way to present your LinkedIn presence

• Learn out to effectively use Linkedin & expand your network


Workshop B

Networking is a two-way street where you must invest time and energy to nurture and grow it. Being intentional about your interactions can mean the difference between opening and closing doors. You can build something invaluable if you are selective and curate who/what you want to learn more about through informational interviews.


A network is for collaborative activities like publishing, presenting, and partnering on work. We learn about an industry or sector through informational interviews (an opportunity to gather information and share your pitch), doing market research, and finding areas to collaborate. A genuine connection can organically lead to anything and everything.

Workshop Outcomes:

• Understand why and how to build a network

• Leverage the power of LinkedIn to identify and communicate with professionals

• Learn to build a network, manage it, and use a tracking tool.

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Workshop D

The FAB Presentation (Features, Accomplishments, Benefits) method is crucial for interviewing
preparation and works effectively with a well-orchestrated interview prep that includes closing
questions. If we think of interviews as marketing presentations of ourselves, we will be more
effective in preparing. Gauging our audience, anticipating questions, and sharing concise,
robust information with a company are critical components to having a successful interview.


Integrating the behavioral interview technique called a STAR (Situation, Task,
Action, Results) to “show, not tell” is incredibly effective. Confidence increases, and interview responses are
more informative when you prepare in advance.


Workshop Outcomes:

• Use the FAB technique to prep for the interview illustrating expertise by using STAR

• Fine-tune and practice concise, robust possible responses to interview questions

• Craft and close conversations with substantial questions & how to discuss salary

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